Infrastructure Services

Growing IT workloads and ever-changing demands have contributed to the complexity of the data center environment. As the pace of business continues to accelerate, organizations need a flexible and scalable infrastructure that supports evolving technology requirements and enables the rapid rollout of IT services and resources.

Rahi Systems provides a full suite of services across the data center lifecycle. Our expertise and best practices enable a rapid time-to-value while optimizing costs and reducing risk.

Design and Installation Services

Data center infrastructure must be thoughtfully designed to optimize resources, streamline operations and support continued growth. It must then be implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to production systems. Because Rahi Systems specializes in infrastructure design and installation, we bring an unmatched depth of experience to every data center project.

  • Data Center Rack and Cabinet Layout
  • Mechanical and Thermal Engineering
  • Cooling Assessment and Containment Solutions
  • Structural Implementation, including Cabinet Assembly
  • Rack / Stack, Cabling and Connectivity
  • Power Line Installation, including Busway and PDUs
  • Electrical Safety Analyses
  • UPS Specification, Installation and Startup
  • Configuration of Infrastructure Software and Hardware

Migration Services

Growing capacity requirements, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational restructuring often require a move to a new data center facility. Rahi Systems has extensive experience planning and executing data center migration projects, using proven processes and best practices to ensure success.

Decommissioning Services

Organizations seeking to decommission a data center facility face a number of financial, security, compliance and environmental risks. Rahi Systems helps reduce these risks with thorough, project-based decommissioning services.

  • Catalog of Equipment for Decommissioning
  • Turn-Down Services, including Data Backup and Migration
  • Equipment Uninstall and Recycling
  • Inventory and Asset Recovery Services, including Disposal
  • Data Destruction Certification and Compliance