Physical Infrastructure Products

The physical data center infrastructure forms the skeleton of your IT environment. It requires thoughtful design and quality products in order to support your business requirements. A well-implemented data center infrastructure will be cost optimized, operationally efficient and environmentally friendly, and provide a clear path for expansion as needs dictate.

Rahi Systems has developed a comprehensive catalog of physical infrastructure products based upon our extensive field experience. We have chosen products that are proven to deliver optimal performance and value, and can help you select the right solutions for your needs and environment. Our physical infrastructure products include:

  • Cabling, power cords and other connectivity solutions
  • KVM switches and console services
  • Racks and cabinets
  • Primary and backup power
  • Data center infrastructure management
  • Cooling systems


Rahi Systems offers a large variety of connectivity solutions, with thousands of products in stock


Cooling is one of the most costly components of your data center operations and one of the most difficult to manage


Many organizations spend 80 percent of their IT budgets simply “keeping the lights on,” with only 20 percent left for innovation


Systems administrators need an efficient means of accessing and controlling IT equipment, whether it’s centralized in the data center or deployed in remote locations


Power seems simple, but the effective distribution and management of power in the data center is of vital importance


Racks and cabinets create the framework for your data center