The FlexITTM Modular Data Center is the ideal solution for “white space” data center expansion and colocation environments where power has been terminated up to the busway

The FlexITTM Modular Data Center is flexible, pod-based approach allows it to be customized to meet the exact needs of the space. Each system features integrated power distribution and backup, cabling infrastructure, fire suppression, physical security, access controls, and infrastructure management.

  • Substantially faster and less expensive than traditional data center buildouts
  • Flexible, efficient to operate and easy to manage
  • Configurable with 20 to 40 enclosures and a wide range of options
  • Supports a variety of cooling technologies
  • Turnkey installation and setup services available

Key Features

Customizable Dimensions

  • Supports rack enclosures of various widths for network closets, server racks or storage blocks
  • Aisle containment and cable management systems will accommodate all rack widths

Flexible Cooling Options

  • Supports a variety of cooling technologies, including refrigerant, chilled water or air-cooled in-row coolers, or modular adiabatic cooling
  • Built-in hot- or cold-aisle containment does not require pre-construction or framing, greatly reducing deployment time

Integrated Cable Management

  • Eliminates the need to install ladder racks and basket trays, saving costs and labor
  • Unique copper and fiber patch panel solutions allow for more efficient cabling
  • Enables easy upgrades from 10G, 40G to 100G architectures,
  • Saves space with cable lengths pre-terminated to the exact requirements


  • Physical security is provided at the pod level as well as individual enclosures
  • Ensures security through granular, role-based access controls and auditing
  • Features smart alerts and trigger events to handle cooling loss or fire hazards