The FlexITTM OIB (office in a box) Rack is complete solution that provides built-in cooling, backup UPS power, smart power distribution, network services, physical and IT security

This integrated smart cabinet is ideal for retail stores, schools, medical facilities, branch offices and other locations that need highly efficient, space-optimized IT infrastructure.

  • Zero setup time and rapid deployment of IT equipment
  • Integrated cooling from 3kW to 5kW
  • 6kVA backup UPS power with the option of high-efficiency Li-ion
  • Optional network services
  • Sound-proof cabinet allowing placement next to offices and cubicles
  • Complete physical security with front- or rear-door access
  • Single software console with 8x 1GB network and 5x serial management ports

Key Features

Integrated Cabinet

  • All-in-one cabinet design enables rapid deployment
  • Supports compute, network, storage in a single enclosure
  • Provides a dust-free environment for traditional and nontraditional IT spaces


  • In-cabinet cooling module takes just 8U of space to cool up to 5kW of heat load
  • Self-contained system requires no external water or refrigerant
  • Pre-installed blanking panels ensure air flows where needed
  • Smart exhaust fans turn on when temperatures pass a configurable threshold

Backup Power and In-Rack Power Distribution

  • Rackmount UPS with battery backup maintains uptime
  • Provides 6kW of capacity in a 2U footprint


  • Includes locking door handles
  • Optional software logs access with audit trail
  • Features built-in firewall capabilities

Noise Reduction

  • Features sound dampening on the top, bottom and side panels
  • Front and rear doors made of metal and tempered glass for sound and heat containment
  • Can be installed near offices or classrooms with minimal disruption

Smart Alerts

  • Configurable control panel can send alerts on suboptimal IT environment or device health
  • Alerts and reports can be viewed on virtually any mobile device