Support and Business Continuity During COVID-19

Together with our partners, we would like to provide resources on solutions, products, and helpful tips for keeping your business operational during this critical time.  Rahi will continue to provide updated information to support you.

Work From Home Office Solutions

Designed to help you adjust to your new work environment, Rahi’s Work-From-Home solutions are stocked in our Fremont and Reno Warehouse locations, available for same-day-shipment and same-day pick-up.

Rahi Systems offers a full suite of data center solutions that power service providers, government agencies and enterprises. We deliver hardware, software and services that help organizations evolve from a static data center to a dynamic, well instrumented and efficiently managed environment that can respond to today’s business demands.

Rahi Systems has expertise in design and implementation of a private and hybrid cloud environments using new or existing infrastructure.
Data Center
Rahi Systems has carefully selected a suite of products that are field-proven to bring the business and IT advantages.
Why just transform when you can ELEVATE? Rahi Systems delivers full-lifecycle services that enable digital transformation success.
The Rahi Systems Integrated Environment encompasses the core technologies that drive the modern enterprise.

Who We Are

Rahi Systems is a global team of professionals who understand the IT needs and challenges of service providers, government agencies and enterprises.

What we Do

We deliver a suite of solutions and services that optimize the cost, performance, scalability, manageability and efficiency of today’s high-density data center.

Integrated Environment

The Rahi Systems Integrated Environment encompasses the core technologies that drive the modern enterprise. You gain access to the productivity, connectivity, infrastructure and hosted solutions you need from one global provider. You can also tap the expertise of our consultants and engineers, who will assist you with solution design, product selection and implementation.




Office Locations







A/V and Conferencing Solutions for Nurx

Nurx is an all-in-one healthcare company focused on expanding access to sensitive healthcare needs. The telemedicine company offers online access to medical providers and seamless home delivery of medications and testing kits. Nurx is easy to use, affordable and HIPAA-compliant, and currently available to patients in 25 states, the District of Columbia and the American Armed Forces.


Rahi Systems has built a network of logistics and import clearing facilities that spans five continents. Our worldwide operations and logistics expertise enables us to deliver multivendor IT solutions across geopolitical boundaries, helping our customers operate efficiently and successfully in all the markets they serve.


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