Pre Sales Engineer (Europe)

Location: Germany, france, UK, Netherlands

Job Description

You will be closely aligned with Sales Managers servicing a region to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Rahi Systems’ products and services. As a confident, technical, customer-oriented individual you are an excellent communicator capable of white-boarding a datacenter architecture, developing POC deliverables or demonstrating and answering technical questions about our core products and services. You do not need to know everything, as you mastered the style of proper follow up.


  • Drive and influence net new revenue using effective selling skills to deliver convincing demos personalized to the audience.
  • Drive and influence net new revenue by executing well-planned and effective workshops, POCs and support evaluations.
  • Attend and pass vendor certifications for various partner technical trainings
  • Architect and design compute / storage / networking / infrastructure solutions for our customers, supported by the vendors we represent
  • Continually learn advanced topics around the datacenter and edge market
  • Ability to work autonomously within an international team


  • 5+ year experience in enterprise sales engineering
  • 3+ year experience in datacenter / compute / network / storage
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to deliver compelling presentations and demonstrations
  • Native command of the local language
  • Customer-focused work habits and attention to detail
  • Open and proactive approach to interpersonal communication
  • Ability to quickly learn new products and technical environments
  • Ability to work autonomously within an international team
  • Ideal: Practical working knowledge of Linux/BSD
  • Native speaker