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Build Out Data Centers Worldwide

Data Center providers are buying real estate at a rapid pace as demand for space continues to skyrocket. Of course, that’s only the first step. Building out a data center can be a long and complex process, requiring significant upfront planning and extensive expertise in multiple specialties.

Rahi has been delivering peace of mind to providers worldwide for many years. Now Rahi has a new global team of data center specialists to focus specifically on the market.

Daniel James is the newest addition to help spearhead this new global initiative as he joins the data center solutions team

Daniel comes to Rahi with ArcTiv, a company he launched to provide data center infrastructure services in the Asia-Pacific region. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the ArcTiv team is now part of Rahi, bringing new talent to that region and complementing Rahi’s global initiatives.

Strong Background

Daniel has worked with Fortune 500 companies for most of his career, particularly in the data infrastructure product space. He held various roles, including business development and product line management, involving data center racks, PDUs, UPSs, and cable management systems. He has been in the APAC region since 2015, particularly in Southeast Asia, gaining the experience that led him to form ArcTiv. 

In addition to Taipei, ArcTiv has teams in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and other areas. The company focuses on projects ranging from server rooms and small data centers to complete solutions that include power, cooling, racks, cable management, and raised floors. ArcTiv’s customers are primarily IT solutions providers who turned to ArcTiv for help with data center build-outs.

Creating Synergies – Supporting the most challenging requirements

Merging with Rahi is the perfect fit. Rahi has the scale, resources, and capabilities to support global data center initiatives. The ArcTiv team will have access to those resources along with additional expertise and partnerships to address customers’ toughest challenges.

Data Center builders and, Co-location providers have unique needs. The data center design must address not only the provider’s requirements but that of its customers. Designing elements such as the raised floor, cooling systems, overhead cable trays, and meeting rooms are focused on the provider. However, the individual leased areas could be user-specific. The racks and power may be distributed differently within those areas based upon the needs of the customer, these needs will be met effortlessly by the new Rahi global team.

Flexible and Scalable

Rahi has the agility to accommodate these needs. The team can offer a variety of products and services and assist customers with systems integration as well. While the red-hot co-location market is currently providing significant opportunity and results, hyperscale data centers and enterprise customers have also been engaging in the small amount of time the service has been available.

As more organizations opt to outsource their data centers, providers are moving rapidly to build new facilities. Rahi is here to help, with a dedicated team backed by the full scope of services the Rahi global organization has to offer.

Rahi has a strong presence in APAC, with 600 employees in the region, 1200+ employees Globally, and growing daily. By adding the team focused on data center solutions, Rahi is well-positioned to support the rapid growth of this market.


Rahi Systems is a Global IT Solutions Provider, SI, and Value Added Reseller, specializing in the design, integration, and fulfillment of Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Campus IT, UC/AV Communication Systems, Managed Services, and Global Services. Rahi has offices in 34 countries and provides professional and managed services in over 160 countries worldwide. With their global footprint, efficient team, strong vendor relationships, and Importer of Record Services (IoR), Rahi has the ability to build and deploy large-scale projects in hard-to-service countries such as Brazil, China, India, Turkey, and many others.

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