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av and networking for cryptocurrency
A/V & Wireless Network Implementation for a Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Company

Rahi helps a cryptocurrency exchange company outfit its Philippines office with Audiovisual (A/V) and wireless networking.


return to office process
Taking Advantage of the Return-to-Office for IT Upgrades

Most organizations had to rush to shift to work-from-home models. Now, they’re taking a more strategic approach to the return-to-office process and IT Infrastructure. For many, there’s no real hurry. Because remote work has been so successful, organizations have the

Workspace Utilization Analysis
How can a Workspace Utilization Analysis Enable a Safe Return to Work and Hybrid Work Model?

Why is Workspace Utilization Analysis more important now than ever before? Organizations need to understand how many people are using common areas, conference rooms, workspaces and other parts of the office environment. The objective is to control the number of

Conference Room & Remote User Experience
How Can We Align the Conference Room and Remote User Experience?

With everybody joining calls remotely through Zoom and other conferencing platforms, the priority for the conference room has changed. It used to be that employees would have to come to the office and be in a conference room to have

How to enhance Video Conferencing Experience
Focus on Acoustics to Enhance the Home Office Video Conferencing Experience

Work-from-home arrangements are likely to continue, either in a full-time remote work or hybrid model. Many people don’t have space for a dedicated home office, which can create challenges when it comes to conferencing and collaboration. Even when space is

A/V Should Be a Core Consideration in Office Redesign Projects

As organizations look at redesigning their office space to support today’s hybrid work model, they should consider audio/visual requirements from the outset. The configuration of rooms and the choice of materials have a big impact on the A/V user experience. 

Rahi, Global IT Solutions Provider Company
Why Partnering with a Global IT Solution Provider Is More Important Than Ever

The past year brought a new set of challenges to businesses, including supply chain disruptions, increased operational complexity and rising costs. Many executives are looking for innovative ways to grow their business, increase profitability and gain competitive advantages. Global expansion

Hybrid workplace
How to Realign A/V and Collaboration Tools for the New Hybrid Workplace

In our last post, we discussed five things that organizations should consider before bringing employees back into the office. While pandemic-related restrictions forced organizations to move quickly to work-from-home models, the return to work doesn’t need to be rushed. Organizations

Why Enterprise Video Conferencing Is Best Left to Professionals

Why Enterprise Video Conferencing Is Best Left to Professionals Video conferencing has been a lifeline for employees working remotely, allowing them to maintain the experience of face-to-face meetings from home offices. Not surprisingly, the adoption of enterprise video conferencing platforms

Proactive Maintenance and Support Maximizes the ROI of Your Audio & Video Systems

When organizations are looking to design and implement an A/V system, they seldom consider the long-term maintenance and management of the solution. They’re concerned about how the system is going to function — and, of course, the total cost of