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How LoRaWAN Enables Efficient, Long-Range IIoT Connectivity

We talk a lot about the number of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices accessing Wi-Fi networks. But that is nothing compared to the explosion of sensors, cameras, automation systems and other network-connected devices.  Known as the Industrial Internet of

How 400 GbE Simplifies Cabling
Preparing for the Move to 400GbE

Data centers are experiencing exponential demand for bandwidth driven by massive growth in data. Next-generation 400GbE optical transceivers help ensure that networks have the scalability to support that continued growth. Hyperscale data centers are well on the path toward implementing

Demystifying the Cloud
Demystifying the Cloud

Cloud computing has been indispensable over the past year and a half, giving organizations access to the applications, data, storage and communications tools they needed to remain functional with remote operations. Yet despite its growing strategic importance, the cloud remains

The Benefits of Combining Cloud and Colocation

Organizations are increasingly looking to get out of the data center management business. The ongoing costs and challenges of managing and maintaining traditional on-premises data centers too often prevent them from focusing resources on initiatives that deliver a more clear-cut

Closing the IT Skills Gap with Cloud Managed Services

Closing the IT Skills Gap with Cloud Managed Services! Cloud computing underpins nearly every major business technology initiative today, from DevOps and team collaboration to supply chain management and edge computing. However, a widening IT skills gap is making it

Why Partnering with a Global IT Solution Provider Is More Important Than Ever

The past year brought a new set of challenges to businesses, including supply chain disruptions, increased operational complexity and rising costs. Many executives are looking for innovative ways to grow their business, increase profitability and gain competitive advantages. Global expansion

How to Realign A/V and Collaboration Tools for the New Hybrid Workplace

In our last post, we discussed five things that organizations should consider before bringing employees back into the office. While pandemic-related restrictions forced organizations to move quickly to work-from-home models, the return to work doesn’t need to be rushed. Organizations

Identity-Focused Security Should Be a Priority in Today’s Remote Work World

Security experts estimate that as many as four out of every five data breaches are caused in part by weak or compromised credentials. Yet, many organizations continue to focus almost exclusively on conventional perimeter-based security measures that provide little or

How Digital Resiliency Can Help Organizations Thrive in the Face of Disruption

Over the past year, organizations have learned that business conditions can change rapidly and on a massive scale. Traditional models of business continuity planning focus on keeping key processes running for the duration of a catastrophic event. Few organizations were

Data Center Environmental Monitoring Helps Protect Equipment and Increase Efficiency

Numerous factors affect the performance and availability of the data center. Higher-quality equipment is more reliable than lower-quality equipment. Generally, newer equipment will perform better because performance degrades over time. Highly automated data centers have greater availability because machines are