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Improved Data Protection with BaaS
How BaaS Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Data Protection

Backup has always been one of the most challenging functions in the IT environment. The difficulties increased with the fast growth of data and the distribution of that data across on-premises, cloud and edge environments, and endpoint devices.  Many organizations


cloud computing edge
Has the race to cloud computing reached the edge?

Large Data Centers are being replaced by cloud computing, Edge computing can address the current increased demand for faster data processing.

The 4 Trends in Security that you’ll have to look out from this Year

How the Log4j Flaw will Increase Cyber Threats in 2022 Our last post discussed some of the IT trends we expect to shape the industry and customer objectives in the coming year. Since the number 1 priority will be Security,

What to Consider When Enterprises Implement Cloud

Why Cloud? Times have changed. I can still remember my conversations with a friend a few years ago. “Even with just 3 to 5 years of experience, a senior software engineer can deliver their products on the public cloud.” “All

Arista Leaf-Spine Architecture
Arista Leaf-Spine Architecture – Blog 2: L2LS and L3LS Designs

Layer 2 Leaf-Spine – L2LS design In this design, 2 spine switches are paired as an MLAG domain and are presented to the leaf switches as a single switch. All links in the topology are used for forwarding with no

Looking to Adopt Edge Computing? SD-WAN Can Help
Looking to Adopt Edge Computing? SD-WAN Can Help

The explosion of smart devices is compelling organizations to seek new ways to deliver IT services to their employees and customers. This is driving the adoption of edge computing — an architectural model in which applications and data are located

How SD-WAN Works
SD-WAN Checks All the Boxes for Price, Performance and Value

We’ve all heard this saying: “Good, fast or cheap. Pick any two.” With software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), you can get all three. SD-WAN enables a more agile, manageable and secure network, with greater performance at lower cost.  How SD-WAN Works Legacy

Reasons to Move to the Cloud Computing
6 Reasons to Make Cloud Storage a Business Priority

Data has been steadily migrating to the cloud for the better part of the past decade as organizations looked to reduce infrastructure investments, improve business resilience, and support the transition to increasingly mobile and distributed workforces. The pandemic has only

Demystifying the Cloud
Demystifying the Cloud

Cloud computing has been indispensable over the past year and a half, giving organizations access to the applications, data, storage and communications tools they needed to remain functional with remote operations. Yet despite its growing strategic importance, the cloud remains

Benefits of Combining Cloud and Colocation
The Benefits of Combining Cloud and Colocation

Organizations are increasingly looking to get out of the data center management business. The ongoing costs and challenges of managing and maintaining traditional on-premises data centers too often prevent them from focusing resources on initiatives that deliver a more clear-cut