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How to Maximize the Success of a DCIM Implementation

Before data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions entered the market a dozen years ago, IT managers and facilities managers used separate tools to operate their environments. DCIM emerged as a way to unify these disciplines and gain greater visibility across

Identity-Focused Security Should Be a Priority in Today’s Remote Work World

Security experts estimate that as many as four out of every five data breaches are caused in part by weak or compromised credentials. Yet, many organizations continue to focus almost exclusively on conventional perimeter-based security measures that provide little or

Data Center Environmental Monitoring Solutions
Data Center Environmental Monitoring Helps Protect Equipment and Increase Efficiency

Importance of Data Center Environmental Monitoring Numerous factors affect the performance and availability of the data center. Higher-quality equipment is more reliable than lower-quality equipment. Generally, newer equipment will perform better because performance degrades over time. Highly automated data centers

Cyber Threat Assessment: A Crucial First Step to Improving Security

The odds that your organization will suffer a cyberattack are extremely high. In a recent Ponemon Institute study, 66 percent of global organizations reported a cyberattack within the preceding year. Increasingly, these attacks are carried out by highly organized and

As the Pandemic Creates New Cyber Threats, a New Approach Is Needed

Anytime there’s a crisis, hackers take advantage of the opportunity to attack systems, spread malware, and dupe users into sharing their credentials. But the COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented situation as organizations transitioned overnight to work-from-home models. According to a

Why Today’s Global Businesses Need a Cloud-Delivered Firewall Solution

The firewall remains an essential component of a layered approach to cybersecurity. However, routing network traffic through the traditional data center firewall can create performance and latency issues for employees worldwide who need access to company resources. A cloud-delivered firewall

How to Effectively Manage and Support Apple Devices in the Enterprise

Apple devices are very popular among consumers — devout users have been known to camp outside Apple stores when a new product is about to be released so they can be among the first to get their hands on it.

Software-Defined Perimeter Addresses Modern Security Risks

Mobile and cloud technologies may not have entirely erased the network perimeter, but they’ve certainly punched a number of holes in it. As a result, organizations must rethink traditional network security practices. For decades, IT security was designed to create

Protect Your Data Center Hardware by Increasing Cabinet-Level Security

With so much emphasis placed on securing data across the network, endpoints and the cloud, it’s easy to overlook the importance of physical security in the data center. Outside service technicians and internal IT teams will need access to data

How the Software-Defined Secure Network Protects the Entire Network

Every time a mobile device or Internet of Things (IoT) sensor connects to the network, there’s a real risk of a data breach. Today’s hackers are highly effective at exploiting the vulnerabilities in these devices, as well as tricking users

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