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Design and Buildout of Multi-tenant Data Centers
How Rahi Assists with the Design and Buildout of Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Rahi’s multi-tenant data center team ensures consistent quality for the buildout of data center grey space anywhere in the world.


The Benefits of Remote Power Panels and Busways in Today’s Data Center

Remote power panels and busways provide the flexibility and scalability to create a more agile data center.


7 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Colocation Providers

Colocation often makes good business sense, but customers should carefully evaluate providers in seven key areas before making a selection.


Data in the Healthcare Industry
How to Organize Your Data in the Healthcare Industry

Colocation data center infrastructure is critical for healthcare organizations that rely on their IT infrastructure to run their operations.


Build Out Data Centers Worldwide
Helping Data Center providers with peace of mind in global deployments

Rahi expands its Data Center Solutions team to include a group focused on providing peace of mind with data center builds in the APAC region.


business in china
How to Do Business in China as a Third-Party Online Payment Provider

Why China? Online sales are on the rise in China. According to data from eMarketer, 2021’s online sales represented 52.1% of all retail sales in China. This is an 18% increase from 2019 when online sales only accounted for 34.1%


Capture Power Monitoring Data
A Cost-Efficient, Time-Saving Method to Capture Power Monitoring Data

Rahi has partnered with Packet Power to offer a means of monitoring power usage while minimizing costs and operational disruption.

Rahi’s IT Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

A Look Ahead to the Future This is the time of year when industry analysts and experts make predictions about the technology landscape in the year to come. Given the pace of change and the hype that often surrounds new

Arista Leaf-Spine Architecture
Arista Leaf-Spine Architecture – Blog 2: L2LS and L3LS Designs

Layer 2 Leaf-Spine – L2LS design In this design, 2 spine switches are paired as an MLAG domain and are presented to the leaf switches as a single switch. All links in the topology are used for forwarding with no

Arista Leaf Spine Architecture
Arista Leaf Spine Architecture – Blog Series Part One

Traditional 3-Tier Data Center Networks About 20 years ago there was a need for more servers because of an increase in the number of applications due to improved network availability. Hence, a large number of access ports were required to