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How to Maximize the Success of a DCIM Implementation

Before data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions entered the market a dozen years ago, IT managers and facilities managers used separate tools to operate their environments. DCIM emerged as a way to unify these disciplines and gain greater visibility across

How to Deploy Smart Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Over the past decade, many organisations have deployed Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platforms. This is software that captures the availability and performance metrics of the hybrid IT environment such as cloud infrastructure, servers, network devices, power and storage systems.

How DCIM Tools Facilitate Data Center Asset Management

IT asset management has never been easy, and it becomes exponentially more difficult as data centers increase in complexity. However, many organizations continue to use pen, paper and spreadsheets to track IT assets. These manual processes cannot keep pace with

Can DCIM Help Optimize the Edge?

In the beginning was the data center, a centralized place where an organization’s IT assets were implemented and managed. Then came the cloud, and the distinction between on-premises and hosted IT resources. Now there’s the edge, a far-flung collection of

The Role of DCIM in Data Center Modernization Initiatives

Ever-increasing IT demands are driving data center modernization initiatives that leverage private cloud and software-defined architectures. While the primary objectives are to enable fluid scalability and accelerate new service rollouts, data center modernization also affords an opportunity to maximize resource

How DCIM Can Help Optimize Data Center Operations

We’ve all heard the statistic. Eighty percent of the IT budget goes toward keeping the lights on in the data center. That leaves just 20 percent available for strategic initiatives that create business value from technology investments. Many organizations seeking