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How to Choose Between Hot-Aisle and Cold-Aisle Containment

Aisle containment is a proven technique for optimizing data center cooling. It builds upon the best practice of arranging racks and cabinets with the fronts of racks in one row facing the fronts of racks in an adjacent row. That

Prepare your data center for next seismic event
Can Your Data Center Racks Withstand a Seismic Event?

On Oct. 18, more than 55 million people worldwide will participate in the Great ShakeOut, a drill designed to help individuals, businesses, schools and other organizations better prepare for a major earthquake. The centerpiece of the drill is an exercise

Choosing the Right Racks and Cabinets for Your Data Center

There are a number of reasons why data center densities are increasing. Business demands on IT are growing, and IT loads are less predictable. Data center managers are adding capacity to stay ahead of the curve. At the same time,

Enabling On-Device Testing for Mobile App Development

Data Center Infrastructure Facebook recently provided an inside look at its mobile device testing lab when it allowed a few reporters to tour its Prineville, Ore., data center facility. The lab includes 60 racks, each of which holds 32 mobile

Effective IT Solutions For Small Spaces

Our on-the-go lifestyle puts a huge onus on accessing information instantly. The dynamic business environments now dictate how data is accessed and managed. When your business is growing, your IT solutions need to be flexible. Whether your business is a