Power seems simple, but the effective distribution and management of power in the data center is of vital importance. The experts at Rahi Systems can help you accurately calculate your power requirements and deploy the right solutions to support your equipment.

Rack power distribution units (PDU)

Rack power distribution units (PDUs) deliver power to your IT equipment. The quality and reliability of your rack PDU is more critical than any of the equipment you install in the rack. We represent and support solutions from Enconnex, Server Technology, Emerson, Avocent, Eaton and Raritan, and carry a wide variety of PDUs in stock.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) help ensure that critical applications continue performing in the event of power loss. There are two categories of deployments — in-rack and floor-based — and various configurations depending upon on the type of utility power. In-rack solutions offer local power to your equipment and a modularized way to manage power. Floor-based solutions provide power to multiple racks or an entire floor of the data center or lab. Rahi Systems offers both and provides support for DC-based power backup such as the Open Compute Project backup power solutions. We can provide UPS solutions from the following manufacturers: Emerson, Liebert, Eaton, APC, Enconnex and Tripp Lite.

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Extensive selection of data center Power Distribution Units(PDUs) products to fuel all your business needs

Consistent, sustainable and efficient Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solutions for a resilient data center

An array of over 12000 Power Distribution Units(PDUs) configurations to power every possible data center need

Integrated data center rack power solutions that support, protect and connect critical IT infrastructure

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