Given the growing complexity of today’s data center environments, organizations need a trusted partner with the expertise to guide decision-making and ensure that the IT infrastructure meets performance, scalability and security requirements. The right partner will possess business acumen as well as technical know-how, and be capable of developing solutions that reduce costs and risk and provide competitive advantage.

Rahi Systems is a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success delivering best-of-breed technology solutions. Our professional services encompass the technology lifecycle, from consulting and assessment through engineering, procurement and deployment. We also offer monitoring, proactive maintenance, and remote and onsite support to help ensure the reliability of critical systems and infrastructure.

Cabling Services
Structured cabling serves as the foundation for a high-performing network
Infrastructure Services
Growing IT workloads have contributed to the complexity of the data center environment.
Global Services
Organizations with an international footprint require the ability to obtain IT products in the world
Network Services
Virtualization, mobility and cloud-based technologies have made the network infrastructure increasingly critical
Storage Services
Many organizations struggle to keep pace with growing data volumes and meet the demands of mission-critical applications
Managed Services
In the typical IT environment, 80 percent of resources are dedicated to simply “keeping the lights on,” leaving just 20 percent for innovation
Audio and Video Services
Professional implementation helps to maximize the return on investment in A/V equipment by ensuring a high-quality user experience.