FlexITTM Mini Data Center comes with built-in cooling, aisle containment, fire suppression, backup power, power distribution and monitoring. It can be deployed in virtually any location — even on a high floor of a high-rise building. The modularity of the solution allows it to be shipped in components and installed onsite within a day.

  • Substantially faster and less expensive than traditional data center buildouts
  • 100% ROI within 12 months of deployment
  • Flexible, efficient to operate and easy to manage.
  • Can use the building’s existing power infrastructure
  • Enables the use of best-in-class cooling and UPS technologies
  • Built-in fire suppression systems for compliance
  • Safety glass and metal containment for fire hazard safety
  • 100% IT usable space with zero infrastructure overhead

Key Features

Smart Environmental Monitoring

  • Provides proactive alerts on temperature, humidity, airflow and equipment sub-performance
  • Smart exhaust fans turn on when temperatures pass a configurable threshold
  • Features smart alerts and trigger events to handle cooling loss or fire hazards

Integrated Cable Management

  • Eliminates the need to install ladder racks and basket trays, saving costs and labor
  • Unique copper and fiber patch panel solutions allow for more efficient cabling
  • Enables easy upgrades from 10G, 40G to 100G architectures,
  • Saves space with cable lengths pre-terminated to the exact requirements

Noise Reduction

  • Features sound dampening on the top, bottom and side panels
  • Front and rear doors made of metal and tempered glass for sound and heat containment
  • Can be installed near offices or classrooms with minimal disruption

Simplified Power Distribution

  • Work with or without a busway for lower cost and greater flexibility
  • Can tap into the building’s existing power distribution infrastructure
  • Provides backup power capabilities

Flexible Cooling Options

  • Can be used with refrigerant, chilled water or air-cooled in-row coolers.
  • Site assessment, ROI analysis and cooling implementation services available

Secure Access

  • Ensures security through granular, role-based access controls and auditing

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The FlexITTM Mini Data Center offers a modular approach to data center infrastructure that minimizes site requirements.