The RF Shielded Rack offers 100 percent protection against radio frequency (RF) interference, making it ideal for device testing that requires wireless attenuation. Specialized materials and components provide for power and network connectivity without affecting the RF-shielding performance.  Powerful, long-life fans exhaust hot air efficiently.  All air passes through high performance honeycomb waveguides creating the least resistance with the highest signal attenuation. The 45U, 1200-millimeter-deep enclosure is designed for today’s data centers, and can be seismically anchored and joined with other cabinets. It comes with standard square-punched rails for easy deployment of devices.

The RF Shielded Rack can be deployed quickly and easily in virtually any environment. Rahi also offers the enclosure as a service, providing a cost-effective option for temporary deployments and small-scale projects.

The Application are:

Mobility products which require wireless attenuation

Strict PCI Compliance

Isolation of sensitive data

Key Features

  • Power Conditioning – To achieve excellent RF Shielding, power management within the enclosure is extremely important. A special power conditioning unit is deployed on top of the enclosure allowing external power sources to be brought inside the unit without affecting the RF Shielding performance.  The enclosure includes line filters to provide the required rack power without compromising performance.  Customizable I/O panels allow for signal and fiber connectivity. The power conditioning unit allows for single phase and three phase circuits.
  • Cooling – The cabinet is designed keeping in mind the cooling aspects of the devices running within the enclosure. 8x variable fans allows for the heat to be exhausted at a rapid pace out of the enclosure.
  • Specialized Products – The RF Shielded Rack uses specialized products and components to allow it to produce the best shielding capabilities. Special types of grounding accessories are also provided with the cabinet.
  • Mobility Rack – Deploy up to 1,000 mobile devices in a single rack that incorporates compute, storage, networking, and power resources. Sliding shelves include trays that hold mobile devices in place and pull out completely for easy access to all devices in the tray.