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Accops Certified Reseller

Accops – Secure & seamless path to remote working

One-Stop Shop for All Your Work-From-Anywhere Needs

Accops, established in October 2012 and headquartered in Pune, India, enables secure and instant remote access to business applications from any device and network, ensuring compliant enterprise mobility for business users while keeping governance with the organization.

Rahi has partnered with Accops as a certified reseller to deliver complete, work from home solutions that involve Zero Trust-based Secure Access Gateway, Virtual Applications, VDI and identity & access management that helps businesses around the world in mitigating security risks & ensuring business continuity.

Accops HyWorks

Applications & Desktop Virtualization for Secure Access to Corporate Workspaces


Accops HyWorks provides the most advanced and convenient virtualization-based work-from-anywhere solutions. Using HyWorks, organizations can create, manage, and deliver hosted applications and virtual desktops from data center. The single-view, centralized management console eases the administration-related burden on IT teams.

HyWorks helps in – 

  • Protecting against security breaches by virtualizing & delivering desktop apps from centralized datacenter to control all the devices, apps, and OS..
  • Isolating apps from the user device and networks preventing malware attacks and any possible data leakage.
  • Preventing cyber-attacks by providing a remote virtual browser isolating the user network from a corporate network.
  • Replacing the conventional bulk PC-based computing with server-based computing.

Key Features

Web based management of multiple devices

Web-based management of multiple devices distributed anywhere around the world

Supports both Windows
and Linux-based VDI

Integrated thin client management

Integrated thin client management

Hypervisor and cloud agnostic​

Hypervisor and cloud agnostic

Accops HySecure

Remote Access of Data and Applications Using a Secure and Powerful Zero-Trust Layer-7 Access Gateway

Accops HySecure enables enterprise mobility by providing secure access to corporate applications, business data and office infrastructure. HySecure removes barriers in terms of device, network and location, and lets your work seamlessly with utmost agility.

HyWorks helps in – 

  • Ensuring maximum network security by enabling secure remote access to internal applications and office PCs.
  • Providing secure access to users using any device – corporate or personal laptops, desktops, or smartphones.
  • Preventing data leakages by creating a sandbox and limiting internet access.
  • Monitoring workforce productivity by providing detailed user activity logs which include information like login, logout time, the time for which the user accessed an application.

Key Features

Built-in Endpoint host scan to check device compliance​

Built-in Endpoint host scan to check device compliance

Strict device entry control

Strict device entry control to
allow access from only
authorized and compliant devices

Integrated Multi-factor authentication

Integrated Multi-factor authentication based on multiple token options including biometrics

Single Sign-On (SSO) for applications​

Single Sign-On (SSO)
for applications

Accops HyDesk

Thin Clients –Hybrid, Energy Efficient Endpoint Devices to Replace Thick PCs

Accops HyDesk is a family of endpoint devices to replace conventional PC-based computing with web-based centralized computing. With power consumption as low as 5W-15W, as opposed to traditional PCs’ 50W-100W, they are highly energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Accops HyDesk family has a variety of devices ranging from low-cost thin clients to highly customizable thin PC models.

HyWorks helps in – 

  • Lowering OpEx through its energy efficiency and longer hardware lifespan compared to traditional desktop computing
  • Simplifying endpoint management by ensuring installations, upgradations, OS patching, etc., from a centralized location
  • Protecting critical business data and applications by securing and storing them within the datacenter, while leaving no trails in endpoints.
  • Enabling IT teams to perform maintenance works without disrupting the users.

Key Features

Single devices can be used for multiple purposes and not locked into specific use only

Single devices can be used for multiple purposes and not locked into specific use only

VDI Optimized

Optimized for VDI, while they are powerful enough for local computing as well

HyDesk Central Management

Administrators can manage, operate and audit the HyDesk device centrally without being present locally

virtual desktop computing environment

Device supports smooth graphics, multimedia, audio and video in the virtual desktop computing environment matching the performance of traditional PCs

Accops HyLabs

Virtual ICT Labs for Remote E-learning

Accops HyLabs helps universities and educational institutes to set up, manage and monitor their virtual ICT labs which can be accessed remotely by anyone using any device.

Faculties can deploy virtual labs easily using a self-service portal and students can get the scheduled based access to existing physical or virtual labs.

HyWorks helps in – 

  • Enabling self-study from anywhere using any device.
  • Deploying new labs or changing the existing ones by faculties without IT support.
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure by efficiently sharing ICT resources across different departments.
  • Conducting IT practical examinations, lab assignments, hackathons, hands-on workshops for comprehensive learning.

Key Features

Schedule-based access to the virtual labs​

Schedule-based access
to the virtual labs

Available on any device without any software requirement​

Available on any device without any software requirement

Use application and user behavior data, from detailed lab utilization reports, to improve education content​

Use application and user
behavior data, from detailed lab utilization reports, to improve education content

Lowering ownership cost by 34% over 7 years​

Lowering ownership cost
by 34% over 7 years

Accops HyID

Contextual-Access Control with MFA & SSO for On-Premise and Cloud Applications.

Accops HyID is a futuristic identity and access management solution, that protects business applications and data from misuse by managing user identities and monitoring user access. HyID provides the organization with flexibility by enabling them to choose from multiple token options – SMS, email, PC software or mobile app. It can also be used to implement biometric authentication. With HyID, Organizations can provide contextual access by granting or denying access based on real-time risk assessment.

HyWorks helps in – 

  • Preventing identify thefts and credential sharing and protecting against any malicious forces from gaining access to corporate resources.
  • Protecting business applications – be it cloud or on-prem and ensuring consistent security and user experience.
  • Enabling industry standard authentication and authorization systems using multiple parameters like user’s location, device health, browser used, access time, etc. to allow or deny access.

Key Features

Compatible with on-premise, SAAS and web based applications​

Compatible with on-premise, SAAS and web based applications

Password-less authentication with push notification, SSO with 2FA support​

Password-less authentication
with push notification,
SSO with 2FA support

Tracking user access through detailed audit and monitoring​

Tracking user access through detailed audit and monitoring

Contextual access based on user device parameters​

Contextual access based on user device parameters

Remote working and virtualization made easy with Rahi

As a leading systems integrator and Accops certified reseller, Rahi can help you in empowering your modern workplace and remote work environment.

About Rahi
Rahi was founded in 2012 as a global provider of full-service IT solutions and services for companies of all industries. From design, installation, and system maintenance to logistics and managed services – we handle it all, so you don’t have to.
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