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Innovative & Interactive Collaboration Display Solutions For The Modern Workspace by Avocor

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Through Rahi’s Global Partnership with Avocor

Headquartered in Oregon, United States, Avocor provides interactive display solutions for working and learning environments that enable users to collaborate and communicate more effectively improving team engagement. Avocor ALZ series, F series and E series include interactive displays, large format displays, touch screens and digital display screens. Rahi has partnered with Avocor to deliver interactive display solutions for real-time collaboration for business and educational institutions.

Avocor ALZ series - Interactive display for Zoom Room with touch solutions and Logitech

Avocor ALZ series - Interactive display for Zoom Room with touch solutions and Logitech

  • Avocor and Logitech bring the ALZ interactive display series with touch solutions for Zoom Rooms.
  • Avocor ALZ series combines feature-rich, high-performance technologies to improve cooperation by integrating Avocor interactive displays, well-known Logitech MeetUp video conferencing camera, and Zoom Room ready Avocor Open Pluggable Solutions (OPS). 
  • Avocor ALZ interactive display series are best-in-class AV integration solutions for enterprises implementing Zoom for communication and collaboration in any location where meetings take place.

ALZ Series Features​

Integrates seamlessly
Integrate Seamlessly

The pre-configured Zoom Room i7 OPS PC reduces wiring by integrating directly into the display for a clean final installation.

Easy installation
Easy Installation

The Avocor ALZ is simple and straightforward to deploy at scale, allowing rooms to be instantly enabled for Zoom meetings. With only three screws, Avocor's special mount clamps the Logitech MeetUp securely to the top of the display.

All-in-one camera
All-In-One Camera

The Logitech MeetUp has front-facing audio for maximum clarity, as well as a 4K camera with an extra-wide FOV and motorised pan/tilt lens to deliver 160 degrees of whole room coverage without the fisheye distortion that affects standard wide-angle cameras.

Precise inking and enhanced collaboration
Precise Inking

ALZ series has exceptional 4K resolution, superb inking, and pixel-precise touch that is similar to writing on paper.

Avocor F series - Interactive large format displays for seamless AV integration

  • The Avocor F series interactive large format displays are ideal for meeting space of any size delivering seamless AV Integration and productivity with next-generation InGlass™ touch technology.
  • Avocor F series is customizable, allowing you to make your meetings more engaging and interactive by adding cameras, microphones, or whatever else you need to create the ideal collaboration environment for your organization. 
  • Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, Avocor F series offers smart and successful cooperation in today’s modern workplace with perfect compatibility with Zoom Room and Microsoft Team Rooms.
Avocor F series - Interactive large format displays for seamless AV integration

F Series Features

Wireless connectivity
Wireless Connectivity

Connect Bluetooth-enabled devices and securely access cloud-stored content and applications directly from the Windows Store.

Low power consumption
Low Power Consumption

The F series, with its incredibly low power consumption, is a more cost-effective and durable alternative to standard projector and whiteboard solutions, with no need to replace bulbs.

Integrated speakers
Integrated Speakers

The internal speakers have their own housing, which eliminates sound loss and increases overall audio performance.

Plug Play
Plug & Play

Advanced connection means that you can connect any device to the display via the ports on the front and rear.

Avocor E series - Interactive, cost-effective and superior display for endless possibilities

Avocor E series - Interactive, cost-effective and superior display for endless possibilities

  • The Avocor E series interactive display employs the most advanced optimized touch and superior glass technologies, resulting in a smooth and exceptionally accurate, low latency writing experience, as well as object recognition. 
  • The ability of Avocor E series to transition between pen, finger and palm in real-time creates a fluid collaboration environment and introduces Avocor’s UiQ touch enabled interface for business and education technology users.
  • The Avocor E series 55″ 65″ 75″ and 86″ interactive display’s cutting-edge lightweight LED technology blends first-to-market 2mm optically bonded glass with a 4K IR interactive display.

E Series Features

Avocor UiQ
Avocor UiQ

UiQ is Avocor's new Smart touch-enabled dynamic user interface, which includes source preview and a touch menu that enables remote control-free operation.

Over-the-air (OTA) Firmware Update

OTA functionality allows firmware upgrades to be done more efficiently than manually upgrading each device.

Zero parallax glass surface
Zero Parallax Glass Surface

Glass surface with zero parallax and anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating for a sharp image with smooth, pixel-perfect inking capabilities for interactive collaboration

Superior quality audio
Superior Quality Audio

A high-quality front-facing soundbar module is included, guaranteeing that the display delivers 30w conference room audio for a crystal-clear audio experience.

Let Rahi deliver advanced interactive display solutions to your business and educational space

As a leading systems integrator and Avocor certified reseller, Rahi can help you in improvising your education technology and workplace collaboration environment with customized AV solutions tailored to your needs.

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