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Infoblox Logo
Improved Network Experience
Centralized and Automated Network Management System
Infoblox; established in May 1999 and headquartered in California, United States, provides core network services which includes Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP address management (IPAM) collectively known as DDI. This helps customers to improve their networking by taking it to the next level.

Infoblox DDI

Infoblox DDI is a combination of three core network services namely DNS, DHCP and IPAM into a single platform delivering high security standards, service uptime and operational efficiency. Infoblox DDI enables 
management of all network assets across diverse infrastructure in one place. It provides the industry’s first cloud-managed DDI platform to enhance cloud based application performance in branch offices and remote sites.

Infoblox DDI components

DNS, DHCP and IPAM are the core network services that make your system resilient. They play a combined role in connecting your network assets across a diverse business environment.

Infoblox DNS

Automated & Centralized DNS Management System to Control and Secure Networks
Infoblox DNS is the only solution that provides a physical or virtual appliance for use in multiple environments with its patented Infoblox Grid technology that can scale as your capacity increases. Infoblox DNS technology is highly flexible and is offered on Amazon Web Services and all hypervisors, such as VMware ESXi, HyperV, KVM and Xen. 
Why DNS?
Keep devices and applications connected all time with 99.9999% uptime enabled through mechanisms such as high availability, disaster recovery, and Anycast DNS.
Secure your networks from DDoS, malware and botnets. Infoblox prevents data exfiltration via DNS and instantly blocks malicious activities.
Infoblox DNS traffic control ensures routing of your traffic to the most optimal server in the network. It automatically reroutes traffic from unavailable servers & data centers to available ones increasing operational efficiency.
Infoblox DNS


Centralized management
Centralized management with a single unified UI for DNS, DHCP, IPAM, DNS Traffic Control and DNS Security
Business continuity with high availability pairing even during failovers and upgrades
Reporting and alerting capabilities for devices, IP addresses and other network assets
Simplified resource delegation of DNS zones to different users for resource optimization
Simplified resource delegation of DNS zones to different users for resource optimization
Automate your manual IT process using customizable workflows
Automate your manual IT process using customizable workflows

Infoblox IPAM & DHCP

Automate & centralize all aspects of IP address provisioning and DHCP server management
Unprecedented growth in devices are making it difficult to provision vast numbers of IP addresses across diverse physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure environments. Infoblox IPAM and DHCP automate the IP address provisioning and DHCP server management in every type of network environment, data centers and hybrid cloud environments.
by eliminating manual processes. Use centralized console to turn on & off IP devices and reconfigure connections remotely
on your network using advanced automation and data driven insights. IPAM with DNS firewall automatically flag and quarantine infected devices enabling you to secure them in real time.
management with automatic discovery, provisioning and monitoring of assets across a distributed network.
Infoblox IPAM & DHCP


Automated discovery of all devices connected to the network
Automated discovery of all devices connected to the network
DHCP fingerprinting
Identify device properties like operating system and type using DHCP fingerprinting
Identity Mapping
Identity mapping to match active directory users to IP and MAC addresses to quickly analyze resource users and troubleshoot network and user related issues
Customized templates
Customized templates for rapid configuration of new devices and reduce configuration overhead
Metadata Tagging
Metadata tagging of key IP resources to organize and share data effectively

Let Rahi and Its Global Team Help You

Let Rahi and its global team help you improve service levels, reduce capital and operational expenditures, and improve business outcomes.
About Rahi
Founded in 2012, Rahi is a global IT solutions provider and systems integrator with 40+ offices worldwide and 100+ vendor neutral partners. We cover the full life cycle of IT solutions across a wide range of disciplines namely Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure, Unified Communications, Managed Services and Global Services to optimize and enhance business operations.
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