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KVM-TEC is the only Austrian manufacturer of KVM extenders and matrix switching systems over IP. Switching systems with standard network components enable super-fast switching that grows with your business. KVM systems of the new generation need flexibility and all devices should be combinable. Full HD and 4K dependability on the application in a KVM matrix should be compatible. The highly optimized and reliable KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) over IP extenders range from USB-DVI to 4K video transmission via CAT or multimode fiber cables for distances up to 160 km. The management of all extenders in the KVM Matrix Switching System is done by the Switching Manager Software – switch [email protected] KVM-tec has a passion for development that stands out in the market with a perfect video compression with the lowest latency <5ms and in-house development of USB, innovative software features like Mouse glide & Switch, 4K Multiview Commander and access to virtual machines with Gateway and Gateway2go. KVM-TEC is number one across the globe in the new generation of KVM Systems.


Stand-alone 4K DP1.2 Extender in Fiber covers distances up to 300m/120km opt with a redundant secure or real uncompressed module. The KVM-tec engineered 4K system the media4Kconnect Extender with ultraslim housing is unbeatable in price and performance as well as in the possible fields of application.

4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP in fiber at a resolution up to 4096 x 2160 @60Hz with a perfect color coding at 4:4:4 @8 bit per color and latency<5ms through an in-house developed video compression.
  • Media 4K Connect Display Port 1.2
  • Media 4K Connect Redundant
  • Media 4K Connect Uncompressed

Maxtrixline - Full HD KVM Extender Over IP

Ultra-flexible KVM Extender over IP for the transmission of USB and DVI video signals via CAT5e/6/7 or Multimode Fiber, max. resolution 1920×[email protected], max. distance in copper 150m/492ft Fiber160km/99mi. USB 2.0 transparent, USB Save feature, USB memory, sound in both directions in CD quality, RS 232, analog VGA – transferred as DVI, for switching systems up to 2000  endpoints, Switching Manager software included, Software feature – Mouse Glide & Switch, Remote and Local unit sold separately.

Software feature 

  • Mouse glide & Switch – cross move with 1 keyboard and one mouse up to 16 screens.
  • 4K Multiview Commander – in combination with 4K Ultraline Quad View on one single screen
  • Media 4K Connect Display Port 1.2
  • Media 4K Connect Redundant
  • Media 4K Connect Uncompressed


MAXflex is the Big Player from FLEXline Solution. It is a clever customized KVM System from kvm-tec. All FLEXline KVM Extenders have an ultra-slim casing, single and dual version, copper and fiber, embedded sound, compatible with standard network components Flexline saves you space in a rack – 4 single or 4 dual in 1 RU. Point to point connection or in Matrix Switching Systems up to 1000 endpoints. They are suitable for 24V Systems and high security of critical applications.

MAXflex is available in copper and fiber in a single and dual version. The Extenders are suitable for 24V Systems and a PoE Version is available. For high security and critical applications MAXflex single units are redundant.

Features – freeze last image, Mouse glide & Switch (for cross display up to 16 monitors) as software feature included USB2.0 in-house development, USB save feature, USB Emulation Mode & USB Sharing.
  • MAXflex Single Redundant Copper 
  • MAXflex Single Redundant Fiber
  • MAXflex Dual Copper
  • MAXflex Dual Fiber

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