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Los Angeles, USA, February 09, 2021 – Utelogy Corporation is adding Rahi to its team of global solutions partners providing managed and professional services. The addition of Rahi to the Utelogy ecosystem allows the IT systems integrator to expand its roster of tailored solutions and services to a wider range of organizations requiring access to state-of-the-art A/V equipment for enabling effective enterprise communications and collaboration.

This joint collaboration combines Rahi’s expertise in remote management solutions with Utelogy’s enterprise-grade A/V software platform for managing, monitoring, and controlling connected workspaces. The partnership also delivers total A/V system efficiencies for the enterprise, including lower costs, reduced downtime, faster device connectivity, access to actionable business intelligence, and an enhanced user experience.

Rahi provides global solutions for any size organization, from start-ups to global Fortune 10 companies, primarily in the technology vertical, but have expanded into healthcare and retail sectors. Rahi’s full suite of professional and managed services is focused on the business outcomes that clients need for their data center, IT, network, campus, and collaboration to be successful and efficient.

“Most A/V integrators have not embraced remote management tools and solutions yet,” said Aaron Miller, VP of Managed Services for Rahi. “We have a full complement of managed services and a 24×7 network operations center (NOC), so your environment is constantly monitored with a committed response time within 15 minutes. Our NOC is staffed with trained professionals who can often provide rapid resolution before the customer knows there was an issue.”

“This strategic collaboration with Rahi extends their level of commitment and expertise into the conference room, board room, and all collaboration environments,” said Frank Pellkofer, President and Co-Founder at Utelogy. “Working together, we can provide enterprises with enhanced levels of system performance and device control, combined with measurable and actionable business intelligence.”

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