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[Cape Town, SA] Rahi has partnered with Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise backup and data protection to deliver advanced, automated, and modern data management and protection in the Middle East and Africa.

Remote workers are the new normal. Security threats are on the rise, targeting the organization’s most vital asset: data. And the amount of data under management is seemingly endless. Many enterprises still rely on overly complex legacy backup infrastructure. Those traditional methods of backup and recovery are labor-intensive and have a high total cost of ownership, making them completely unrealistic for meeting today’s enterprise backup needs. 

Yesterday’s backup methods don’t fit today’s needs. With the amount of administration and management that goes into daily enterprise backup operations, the sheer volume of data, the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, and the mass move to remote workflows, traditional data protection solutions just aren’t viable anymore.

By including Cobalt Iron’s Compass in the portfolio, Rahi will enable companies to take full advantage of modern data protection and progressive technologies such as analytics, automation, hyperconvergence,  SAAS, rapid recovery, and infinite scalability to deliver the most powerful and disruptive data protection solution in the market today.

Rahi is known globally for providing IT infrastructure, data center transformation, audio and video, networking, data storage, and security solutions. The organisation recently announced its expansion into the MEA market which will see the company invest $5 million dollars in the territory over the next three years. 

Founded in 2012, Rahi has quickly cemented its reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic system integrators. This move is set to shake up the technology landscape across the Middle East and Africa. Through their vast partner landscape, which includes global tech giants such as Zoom, Nutanix, Palo Alto, Cobalt Iron, Lenovo, Juniper, Netapp, ZPE, and Crestron, Rahi will deliver disruptive technology throughout the regions that are not currently available locally. 

Protecting corporate data is paramount but the investment in backup is often an afterthought for organisations. While many applications in the enterprise have benefitted from modernization, automation, and SaaS economics, the backup and recovery environment has largely been left to incremental feature improvements. 

With Cobalt Iron’s backup SaaS solution, complexity is virtually eliminated and the time needed to backup data is dramatically reduced. The result is a comprehensive data protection solution that is flexible, manageable, and affordable. Compass by Cobalt Iron, which Rahi areis one of the first to bring to the MEA market, is a new approach to data protection harnessing analytics and automation to drive out cost and complexity while delivering reliable protection and valuable data insights to the business.

Along With this, Compass is currently the market’s only data protection solution that is truly SaaS-based, multi-cloud, and analytics-driven, with award-winning security and cyber-attack prevention capabilities built natively into the solution. 

“Rahi is committed to offering the top industry solutions for our customer’s digital transformation journey. The Compass SaaS-based multi-cloud platform will complement our existing data portfolio and expand our digital business offerings. Rahi and Cobalt Iron are offering truly complementary services,” said Charl Kinghorn, Vice President of Rahi Middle East and Africa.

“As the premier business technology channel in the Middle East and Africa region, Rahi is a welcome addition to the IronClad Partner Advantage family. As such, this partnership is powerful industry recognition of Compass in the enterprise SaaS backup marketplace” said Chris Snell, Cobalt Iron Senior Solution Architect.

With more than 8 years of experience, 40 locations, and more than 700 employees across the world, Rahi offers a broad portfolio of industry-leading digital infrastructure and business solutions to its clients.

Make the move to a modern data protection solution while removing the budget objection from the conversation. Modernize backup with automated operations, innovated cybersecurity, and one solution for legacy and modern workloads. Eliminate the complexity of multiple backup vendors and products with one enterprise-class solution for entire IT estates with Rahi.



For further information, accompanying imagery or to arrange an interview with a spokesperson, please contact : 

Bridget O’Dea,  [+27 76 497 5693], [email protected]  

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