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rahi and digital realty

Global Data Center “One-Stop” Delivery, Empowers Chinese Enterprises Overseas

Shanghai, China – April 27th, 2022 – Global IT solutions provider Rahi has officially reached a strategic partnership agreement with Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR). The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). With their integrated resources and global presence, Rahi and Digital Realty will work together to build a full cycle data center one-stop solution for Chinese enterprises planning to expand their business abroad. 

One-Stop Overseas Business Solutions

As information technology rapidly develops, more and more Chinese enterprises have achieved IT-driven business growth and started focusing on the overseas market. When deploying overseas business, data is the basis for achieving higher business competitiveness. Furthermore, there are a few things enterprises must take into consideration, such as meeting local compliance requirements, in-time project deployment and delivery, and optimized operation. The collaboration between Digital Realty, the world’s leading hyper-scale data center provider, and Rahi, an industry leader in the data center “turnkey” solutions, will see a greater synergy that will enable enterprises. The parties will join forces to support enterprises in nearly 30 countries and regions across 6 continents. The “one-stop” solution ranges from data center site selection, white space buildout, product supply, global distribution and logistics, implementation, operation, maintenance, and relocation services.

Jady Xu, Head of Sales at Digital Realty Greater China

“We are excited about this strategic partnership with Rahi China.” Jady Xu, Head of Sales at DLR Greater China, said, “We have built and maintained a successful, trustful partnership throughout the past few years providing services for enterprise customers in Europe, the U.S., and Southeast Asia. We look forward to further collaboration with the Rahi China team, integrating our capabilities, and empowering more Chinese enterprises to develop overseas business through DLR + Rahi’s ‘one-stop data center’ service.”

Single Point of Contact, Global Delivery 

At the beginning of the global expansion, enterprises have faced many challenges, such as language and culture barriers, tax fees, compliance requirements, cross-time-zone collaboration, and dealing with multiple third-party vendors. Since 2012, Rahi has delivered more than 3000 projects for many international enterprises based on their main value proposition, “Single Point of Contact, Global Delivery.” As customers’ single point of contact, Rahi saves them from the trouble of dealing with multiple vendors by providing their one-stop solution. Rahi’s collaboration with Digital Realty has extended from the US and Europe to Asia Pacific regions, successfully delivering multiple global data center projects.

Vivian Qi, VP of Sales, Greater China, Rahi

“Both our team and Digital Realty truly understand the challenges and needs of enterprises looking to expand their business globally. We maintain close communication with our clients and our global team members to make sure their needs are met.” Said Vivian Qi, VP of Sales at Rahi Greater China, “Our customers choose us for the fact that Rahi can be their single point of contact with the ability to deliver global standardized projects. This saves them from the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers and therefore allows them to focus on what truly matters for their key business.

Make Your Global Business “Greener”

IT equipment can generate a lot of heat while in operation. For data center operators, finding the perfect cooling solution is an important topic to build a low-carbon and environmentally friendly data center. Rahi and Digital Realty are collaborating together to create a data center high-energy efficiency solution. This solution is designed for industries such as AI, VR/AR, high-frequency trading, and IOTs, enabling their environments to achieve cooling efficiency, space utilization, flexibility, and scalability.

Boon Kai Ng, Director of Channels & Alliance at Digital Realty APAC

“At Digital Realty, we are dedicated to making the world greener through an innovative and sustainable approach, which is the basis of the collaboration with Rahi to explore energy-efficient data center solutions.” Said Boon Kai Ng, Director of Channels & Alliance at DLR APAC, ” We have put this into practice and seen some exciting results. We look forward to furthering our collaboration with Rahi to build the next-gen energy-efficient solutions that will bring our joint customers and our environment more benefits and positive impact. “



About Digital Realty

Digital Realty powers global IT strategies for companies of all sizes, enabling them to scale digital business with a fit-for-purpose data center platform that delivers a controlled, connected, and optimized network architecture designed to address data gravity.

Digital Realty’s clients include domestic and international companies of all sizes, ranging from cloud and information technology services, communications, and social networking to financial services, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and consumer products.

To learn more, visit Digital Realty’s website: https://www.digitalrealty.com/ 

About Rahi 

Established in 2012, Rahi is a global IT solutions provider, systems integrator, and

value-added reseller that provides full lifecycle technology solutions across various IT

disciplines. With entities, offices, operations, warehouses, and integration centers in 40 country locations, Rahi offers the advantage of IOR services, local currency billing, and RMA – helping businesses operate efficiently and successfully in any regional location. Rahi combines its global reach and in-depth analysis services to understand clients’ business goals, IT requirements, and operations while delivering successful business outcomes.

To learn more, visit Rahi China’s website: https://www.rahisystems.com/ 


Rahi Systems is a Global IT Solutions Provider, SI, and Value Added Reseller, specializing in the design, integration, and fulfillment of Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Campus IT, UC/AV Communication Systems, Managed Services, and Global Services. Rahi has offices in 34 countries and provides professional and managed services in over 160 countries worldwide. With their global footprint, efficient team, strong vendor relationships, and Importer of Record Services (IoR), Rahi has the ability to build and deploy large-scale projects in hard-to-service countries such as Brazil, China, India, Turkey, and many others.

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