Audio/video equipment is being deployed in a wide range of environments, from conference rooms to classrooms, retail environments to event venues. The right A/V technology can help to enlighten, entertain and increase engagement. Given the broad array of options, however, many organizations find it difficult to select for their needs and budgets.

Rahi Systems has done a lot of the legwork, offering a suite of carefully vetted A/V products for a wide range of use cases. These solutions meet the most exacting requirements for quality and reliability, with flexible options that can be tailored to each specific environment.

Large-Format LCD Displays
LED Video Walls
Digital Signage
Projection Displays
Media Racks
Mounts and Mobile Solutions

Large-Format LCD Displays

Whether they’re used to inform or entertain, large-format LCD displays create a big impact in any facility. They must be capable of withstanding heavy, long-term use with excellent image quality, clarity and brilliance in variable lighting. Rahi Systems offers professional-grade solutions that provide optimum performance and reliability, including narrow-bezel displays for seamless video walls and ergonomic designs for standalone applications.

LED Video Walls

LED displays are an increasingly popular choice for video wall applications because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be viewed from almost any angle. Selecting the right solution depends upon the typical viewing distance, whether the display will be used indoors or outdoors, and whether it will be fixed or need greater flexibility. Rahi Systems has products for all these options and more, and can help configure the perfect display for any application.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is seeing growing adoption across a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and many others. Media servers deliver content to displays based upon location, time of day and other criteria, and can even be integrated with mobile apps to create a personalized experience for the viewer. Careful planning is essential to success. Rahi Systems can help organizations select the right components to meet the requirements of any environment.

Projection Displays

Projectors are seeing a renaissance, as rapidly evolving technology has produced a new breed of solutions that create a high-quality visual experience for everyone in the audience. Projection technologies such as laser, digital light processing (DLP), liquid crystal on silicon, and dynamic LCD help create powerful presentations for conferences, seminars and meetings. Rahi Systems offers state-of-the-art projection systems that deliver the performance and flexibility for corporate, education and entertainment use cases.

Backup Tapes

Tape is the ideal medium for the backup and long-term retention of audio/video data due to its cost-efficiency and extended lifespan. Linear tape open (LTO) is the most popular format thanks to its high capacity and performance. The latest LTO-7 technology provides more than 15TB of compressed data capacity per cartridge up to 400MBps transfer rates, while LTO-7 Ultrium delivers transfer rates of up to 750MBps. Rahi Systems offers backup tape solutions from leading vendors, including HP, Fuji, Quantum and IBM.

Media Racks

A/V components must be housed in the right racks and enclosures to ensure that equipment is both accessible and protected. Traditional data center cabinets were not designed for A/V and typically lack the flexibility and aesthetics for media applications. Rahi Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of custom enclosures, and has developed media rack solutions to meet the most exacting requirements. We also offer a full range of products from leading providers of freestanding, wall-mounted and in-cabinet racks.

Mounts and Mobile Solutions

Large-format displays must be mounted securely for optimum performance and investment protection. In addition, event managers need a means of safely moving A/V equipment between locations within a venue and transporting it to remote sites. Rahi Systems complements its A/V equipment offerings with a complete line of mounting solutions, rolling carts and road cases.

Our Partners

Neat was created together with Zoom to provide the ultimate Zoom Rooms experience.

Rahi has partnered with Zoom to create fully-customizable meeting rooms that fit your needs and requirements.

DTEN is changing the way your teams connect, communicate, and collaborate through interactive communications hardware.

Rahi has partnered with Bose Professional to help you accomplish more by providing conference room solutions.

Samsung’s diverse portfolio of business products is designed to improve customer engagement and simplify IT management.

Logitech Room Solutions provide calendar integration, touch-to-join, instant content sharing, and always-on readiness.

Poly is a global communications company that powers authentic human connection and collaboration.

Crestron is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems for the office, campus, and home

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