Ixia delivers a powerful combination of innovative solutions and trusted insight to support your network and security products, from concept to operation. Whether you are preparing your product for launch, deploying an application, or managing a product in operation, Ixia offers an extensive array of solutions in testing, visibility, and security—all in one place.

Rahi Systems has partnered with Ixia to provide stronger applications, better performance, increased security resilience, happier customers, and maximum ROI.

Performance Monitoring


From lab to field – know what is happening in your Network. Tools used to monitor and manage network and application performance are only as good as the data they see. As networks scale, connecting every tap or network access point used to capture traffic to every monitoring tool that needs to see the data becomes highly complex and cost-prohibitive.

Improve efficiency and ROI and reduce risk throughout the monitoring life cycle using:

  • End-to-end visibility to optimize day-to-day operation 
  • Hawkeye to maintain/improve the user experience