Nlyte Asset Optimizer

Nlyte Asset Optimizer (NAO) is an open and scalable software solution that provides automation and efficiency to asset lifecycle management, capacity planning, audit, and compliance tracking. NAO easily manages assets from receiving dock to decommissioning globally or rack by rack, in a data center, colo, or edge facility. It simplifies space and energy planning and easily connects to ITSM and other BI applications.

Nlyte Energy Optimizer

NEO (Nlyte Energy Optimizer) provides advanced monitoring and alarming capabilities to track vital energy metrics for data centers. NEO helps optimize power and thermal systems to avoid outages and reduce costs.

Nlyte System Utilization Monitor

NSUM extends real-time monitoring throughout the data center from the facilities layers and across the IT stack, providing an end-to-end real-time utilization view. Nlyte System Utilization Monitor empowers infrastructure managers to leverage a comprehensive set of data to better eliminate waste, increase uptime, and ultimately meet or exceed their SLA objectives. Additionally, NSUM supports DCOI Server Utilization tracking.

Asset Explorer

Automate the process of IT inventory discovery with Asset Explorer. This agentless solution automatically captures and provides detailed information about all assets connected to the network – hardware, configuration, services/processes and applications/software.

Nlyte Colocation

Nlyte’s DCIM solution custom-made for colocation, hosting, multi-tenant or managed cloud providers benefits both the hosting company and its tenants. With real-time monitoring the provider is empowered to discover stranded data center power and space capacity to sell for added revenue, as well as securely monitor and report power, space, and capacity for hundreds of tenants. Those tenants enjoy transparency into their own usage information to monitor, manage, and plan future lease requirements.

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