Increasing data center densities have made it difficult to effectively cool equipment and keep operational costs under control. Traditional computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units — even when combined with hot- or cold-aisle containment systems — are often unable to meet today’s capacity demands. In-row cooling brings chilled air closer to the equipment to dissipate heat more efficiently.


Enconnex designed its line of in-row cooling units to fit comfortably in any data center environment. Their 45U height and 1200mm depth are compatible with the cabinets used in modern high-density data centers, while their 600mm and 900mm widths provide flexibility and efficient use of space. Within that small form factor is a unique V-coil configuration that can deliver more than 100kW of sensible cooling capacity.

A wall of 9-18 variable-speed, electronically commutated (EC) fans drives more uniform airflow than a single pair of larger fans. The fans are hot-swappable, allowing for repair with limited interruption in service.

The units are available in condenser water, chilled water and DX air- and water-cooled configurations to meet a wide range of needs. An intuitive touchscreen interface features Flex Management software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage and balance cooling capacity according to shifts in the IT workload. The intelligent control panel allows multiple units to work together to maximize efficiency.

Key Features

  • More than 100kW of cooling capacity in a small form factor
  • Condensate water, chilled water and DX air- and water-cooled configurations
  • Up to 18 variable-speed, electronically controlled, hot-swappable fans
  • 45U height, 1200mm depth, and 600mm or 900mm widths for efficient use of data center space
  • Fast deployment and simplified servicing
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface and intelligent controls
  • Ability to continue operating at reduced capacity in the event of a water chiller or compressor failure
  • Redundant single- and three-phase automatic transfer switches

Key Benefits

Highly Efficient Cooling. The size and unique design of the Enconnex in-row cooling units make it possible to deliver the capacity to address today’s heat loads while keeping a lid on energy costs.

Form, Fit and Function. The units can be installed in less than a day, and provide a uniform look in the data center. All components are accessible from the front and back so the unit doesn’t have to be pulled out for service.

Smart Controls. The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to manipulate multiple set points. Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities enable automatic adjustments in cooling capacity to meet changing demand.

Flexible Options. Because the units are available in condenser water, chilled water and DX air- and water-cooled configurations, they eliminate the need for costly retrofitting of existing data centers. Customized solutions are also available with fast delivery.

Reliable Operation. Redundant components and simplified maintenance minimize interruptions in service.

Worldwide Availability. Rahi’s global footprint enables the delivery of products in multiple geographies, with optional installation and post-sales maintenance services.

Technical Specifications
Nominal Capacity
  • 40-65 kW
  • Air-cooled / Water / Glycol Cooled
  • 65-100 kW
  • Chilled Water
  • Input Voltage
  • 208, 3ph, 60Hz
  • 460V, 3ph, 60z
  • 400V, 3ph, 50Hz
  • 208, 1ph, 60Hz
  • 460V, 3ph, 60z
  • 400V, 3ph, 50Hz
  • RefrigerantR410A (Green Refrigerant)Not Required
    CompressorDual-Independent Variable Capacity Scroll (20-100%)Not Required
    FansVariable Speed EC Fans (10%-100%)Variable Speed EC Fans (10%-100%)
  • Condensate Pump
  • ECX-Team-Network Control
  • Integrated Remote Sensors (Wired / Wireless)
  • Condensate Pump
  • ECX-Team-Network Control
  • Integrated Remote Sensors (Wired / Wireless)
  • FiltersMERV8 (US) / G4 Grade (EU)MERV8 (US) / G4 Grade (EU)
    Quantity of Filters22
    Number of Fans1518
    ControlsHMI Color Touch Screen Display with integrated sensors for up to 50 racks
    Enconnex Interface CardSNMP, RS-485 Modbus, Modbus IP/BACnet IP
    Weight620Kg (1365 lbs)510Kg (1125 lbs)