Protecting corporate data is paramount but the investment in backup is often an afterthought. While many applications in the enterprise have benefitted from modernization, automation, and SaaS economics, the backup and recovery environment has largely been left to incremental feature improvements. Many believe that it is too complicated, too expensive, or just impossible to break free from the complex, expensive, daily grind of backup and recovery at the enterprise level. But with Cobalt, it is possible.

Transform Complexity to Simplicity with Compass


If yours is like most enterprise companies, backup is your single largest application in-house. That typically means you are running multiple legacy backup solutions (NetBackup, Commvault, Spectrum Protect, etc.) for various business units. This results in high administrative time and less-than-stellar data protection.

With Cobalt Iron’s backup SaaS solution, you can eliminate complexity, dramatically reduce the time you spend on backup, and significantly improve your data protection performance. The result is a comprehensive data protection solution that is flexible, manageable, and affordable.

Compass is a new approach to data protection harnessing analytics and automation to drive out cost and complexity while delivering reliable protection and valuable data insights to the business.

The Benefits

Eliminate complex backup

Replace expensive Data Domain appliances

Eliminate tape-based backup

Simplify NAS backup

Continuously current

Runs on top five cloud providers

High performance

Easily scalable

Switch without the risk

✓ Make the move to a modern data protection solution while removing the budget objection from the conversation

✓ Modernize you backup with automated operations, integrated cyber security” instead of “innovated cyber security

✓ Significantly more value with no investment in 2020

✓ Eliminate the complexity of multiple backup vendors and products with one enterprise-class solution for your entire IT estate

Cobalt Iron Spectrum Protect
Cobalt Iron Veritas
Cobalt Iron Commvault