iXsystems FreeNAS Mini is the secure software solution for digital storage.The FreeNAS Mini offers enterprise-class hardware to home and small office users. The hardware is specifically selected to maximize performance with FreeNAS. With it’s plug and play design, the FreeNAS Mini is available in standard and XL.


  • Powerful eight-Core 2.4GHz CPU, drawing only 17 watts
  • Chassis configurations include 4 or 8 bay enclosure and with super quiet design
  • Uses ZFS to protect against data corruption
  • Automatic and manual snapshots to save and recover the file system from any point-in-time
  • Includes ZFS compression to save space and improve disk performance
  • Add media streaming, alternative protocols, web applications and more
  • Hardware-accelerated ZFS disk encryption
  • Up to 32GB of ECC memory for max performance and data protection
  • Hot-swap functionality with tool-less, front loading drive bays
  • Dual gigabit LAN performance
  • Upgrade to dual-port 10 gigabit ethernet – SFP+, or Twinax supported
  • Dedicated remote hardware management port (IPMI) or option to share through on-board LAN
  • Pre-installed with FreeNAS on dedicated, internal flash device
  • Accelerate performance using optional read and/or write flash cache