Hybrid cloud combines one or more public clouds with on-premises IT resources. This gives organizations the flexibility to meet changing business and IT needs while maintaining control over mission-critical workloads with stringent security and performance requirements. It also enables development and operations teams to pivot their workloads based on cost, scalability, and customer demand.

When building a cloud strategy, organizations must identify applications and workloads that can be moved to public cloud, and determine the best migration strategy for each. They must also architect an on-premises environment that is compatible with their chosen public cloud platform to ensure interoperability. In these complex cases it can be difficult to find a partner that offers an end-to-end solution. Public cloud providers and on-premise hardware vendors are naturally focused on their products rather than the entire cloud environment.

Cloud Strategy

Rahi Systems is uniquely qualified to help organizations develop and execute a cloud strategy – combining private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud use cases based on a customer’s business needs. With our core strength in data center infrastructure and deep understanding of cloud platforms, we are able to assess the customer’s environment and determine the best platform and cloud environment for each application. Our engineering team can assist in the migration of applications and data, while our managed services team can provide monitoring, management, and cost optimization. 

Assessment and Design
Assessments play a critical role in the development of a cloud strategy, Rahi takes a customer-first approach by evaluating the existing environment.
Data Strategy
Rahi recognizes the importance of placing data in an environment that provides the greatest value.
Cloud migration requires a thorough assessment of application architectures and integrations.
Managed Services
The Rahi managed services team provides monitoring, management and support of both on-premises and cloud-based environments.
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