The technology marketplace is constantly changing, with emerging solutions that promise to revolutionize the way data centers are designed and managed. However, separating hype from reality can be difficult, and many organizations struggle to develop an IT strategy that effectively capitalizes on the latest innovations.

Rahi Systems serves as both a filter and a sounding board, helping organizations evaluate new technologies and understand their benefits and tradeoffs. We don’t push the latest solution — we help you determine the right approach to meet your business and IT goals, and develop a vendor-neutral strategy for achieving your objectives. Only then do we help you select industry-leading products and effectively integrate those solutions into your existing environment.

FlexIT is a unique line of IT infrastructure products that are pre-engineered and ready to install. With FlexIT, organizations can create a dust-free, space-optimized IT environment virtually anywhere
Cloud Computing
Private clouds offer the agility, scalability and self-service benefits of the public cloud but are built within corporate firewalls and under the control of the IT department
Software-Defined Data center
Software-defined data centers maximize the benefits of virtualization across compute, storage and networking infrastructure
Mobile App Engineering
Rahi Systems has developed enclosures that facilitate mobile app development and testing, optimizing developer productivity and operational efficiency.
RF Shielded Rack
Designed to facilitate the testing of mobile apps, the RF Shielded Rack is a 45U enclosure using specialized gaskets at the seams and doors to maintain shielding effectiveness
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