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Can Your Wi-Fi Network Support Demand as Your Team Returns to Work?

Today’s work environment is great for work-life balance & productivity, does your organization have the Wi-fi infrastructure to support it?


Design and Buildout of Multi-tenant Data Centers
How Rahi Assists with the Design and Buildout of Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Rahi’s multi-tenant data center team ensures consistent quality for the buildout of data center grey space anywhere in the world.


The Benefits of Remote Power Panels and Busways in Today’s Data Center

Remote power panels and busways provide the flexibility and scalability to create a more agile data center.


Improved Data Protection with BaaS
How BaaS Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Data Protection

Backup has always been one of the most challenging functions in the IT environment. The difficulties increased with the fast growth of data and the distribution of that data across on-premises, cloud and edge environments, and endpoint devices.  Many organizations


7 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Colocation Providers

Colocation often makes good business sense, but customers should carefully evaluate providers in seven key areas before making a selection.


Data in the Healthcare Industry
How to Organize Your Data in the Healthcare Industry

Colocation data center infrastructure is critical for healthcare organizations that rely on their IT infrastructure to run their operations.


Importing and Exporting Products through Indonesia

Rahi’s API-U General Import License in Indonesia supports faster and more cost-effective product shipments.


Build Out Data Centers Worldwide
Helping Data Center providers with peace of mind in global deployments

Rahi expands its Data Center Solutions team to include a group focused on providing peace of mind with data center builds in the APAC region.


Encryption Laws Complicate Online Payment Security in China
Encryption Laws Complicate Online Payment Security in China

Online payment processing in China represents a major opportunity for foreign-based financial services firms. However, as we discussed in our previous blog post, foreign-based financial services firms are required to follow strict regulations, as outlined by the People’s Bank of


rahi and digital realty
Rahi Announces Strategic Partnership Agreement with Digital Realty

Global IT solutions provider Rahi has officially reached a strategic partnership agreement with Digital Realty