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Rahi, Global IT Solutions Provider Company

The past year brought a new set of challenges to businesses, including supply chain disruptions, increased operational complexity and rising costs. Many executives are looking for innovative ways to grow their business, increase profitability and gain competitive advantages. Global expansion could provide those opportunities.

An international presence can allow even smaller organizations to reach new customers, tap new sources of income and gain access to new talent pools. By entering new markets, organizations can diversify their revenue streams and reduce risk.

In many ways, global expansion is easier than ever. Organizations can leverage e-commerce platforms and communication and collaboration tools to reach international markets. Global logistics capabilities ensure the delivery of products and services to customers anywhere in the world.

However, there remain significant challenges, particularly when it comes to IT. Organizations need an IT partner with the reach, scale and expertise to meet their global requirements. An IT solution provider with an international footprint brings the expertise, experience and local resources to quickly complete projects worldwide.

The Global IT Challenge

Organizations with a global footprint need a highly available IT infrastructure that meets 24×7 business requirements. It begins with an end-to-end IT strategy that creates a consistent environment across locations yet provides the flexibility to meet local needs. 

The right IT partner will have the ability to architect the environment and handle global deployments. Strong relationships with leading manufacturers will streamline procurement, installation and support and control costs. 

It’s not always possible to purchase products in-country, however. In order to support multinational customers, an IT solution provider needs global purchasing, distribution and logistics capabilities. The provider should work through the red tape to minimize lead times and ensure optimal pricing at each location. Local currency billing and RMA help simplify accounting.

Product integration services, including staging, configuration, kitting and asset tagging, increases the efficiency of installation. Asset management and warehouse services eliminate the need for customers to maintain hardware inventory, while ensuring that mission-critical requirements are met. Of course, the IT solution provider should offer end-to-end tracking to ensure the security of technology assets.

How Rahi Can Help

Rahi offers a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and services for today’s global enterprise. Our expertise encompasses facilities infrastructure, data centers, cloud services and workplace technologies that create an end-to-end IT infrastructure that addresses today’s business challenges. Our proven ELEVATE methodology and hands-on approach set us apart from other IT providers, ensuring that the IT solutions we deliver meet desired objectives.

We serve as the single-source integrator for more than 100 vendors, ensuring that our customers obtain the highest-performing technologies at the lowest possible costs. We have local entities in more than 33 countries and provide hassle-free customs and tax clearance services, importer-of-record services, and in-country purchasing.

With Rahi, customers have one point of contact for global deployments, saving them the hassle of managing multiple vendors. We also offer managed services and support to ensure that solutions are available, secure and performing optimally.

Organizations that expand worldwide gain a number of competitive advantages but also face obstacles when it comes to IT design, implementation and support. Partnering with a global IT solution provider can help overcome these challenges and provide the IT infrastructure needed to support international operations.