Rahi Systems has built a network of logistics and import clearing facilities that spans five continents. Our worldwide operations and logistics expertise enables us to deliver multivendor IT solutions across geopolitical boundaries, helping our customers operate efficiently and successfully in all the markets they serve.

Distribution Services

Shipping internationally can be difficult due to tedious customs forms and tax requirements. Rahi Systems works through the red tape so customers enjoy shorter lead times and optimal pricing at every location. We can even distribute products to places such as Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan that are known for shipping difficulties.

Global Product Pricing and In-County Purchasing
Local Currency Billing and RMA
Local Engineering and Support Resources

Logistics Services

Rahi Systems provides local logistics and import clearing facilities through its subsidiaries and partners. Our logistics services include product assembly, packaging, tracking and security for efficient, cost-effective delivery of IT solutions. We also provide asset management services that reduce the cost of maintaining hardware inventory while ensuring that technology solutions are available to meet mission-critical requirements.