Data Storage

Rahi creates the capacity to navigate change. We elevate storage assets, protocols, and performance to ensure agility downstream. Otherwise, you could risk the loss of valuable time, money, or your competitive edge.

Limitless Data. Forward Thinking.

We examine your entire problem space holistically. We then prescribe solutions with high-success factors correlated to user intent and your value on performance, scalability, and efficiency.

No amount of technology can replace the human ability for critical thinking. That’s why Rahi recruits and inspires forward thinkers to zero all-in to meet your storage requirements and desired outcomes.

Rahi develops and configures any number of combinations of these and other cost-effective storage options:

  • All-Flash and Hybrid Arrays
  • Traditional Disk and Tape Storage
  • Object Storage
  • Cloud-Integrated Storage
  • WORM Storage
  • Storage Networks
  • Software-Defined Storage Solutions
  • Provisioning, Backup Operations

Make higher-stakes decisions with confidence

Do you worry about exceeding your data center workloads?

Is your storage platform set up for traditional structured data only?

Uncomfortable with risky migrations and over configured infrastructures?

Exceed Your Business Outcomes

Rahi approaches the data sphere with your company at the center of the action. We ask tough questions. We listen carefully and clarify the business outcomes you must meet.

With clear objectives, we evaluate and construct value-packed enterprise storage architecture to aggregate, store, modernize, mine, and monetize your data. Now, you can elevate storage to a working capital asset, a renewable asset. We help you protect it.

When we elevate, we democratize data to propel clients to the place where they can experience measurable success; however, you define it:

  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Optimize User Experiences
  • Reduce Overall Operating Costs
  • Accelerate Rapid Time-to-Value
  • Bolster Market Competitiveness
  • Increase Revenue, Profitability, and Growth

Let Rahi and Its Global Team Help You

Let Rahi and its global team help you improve service levels, reduce capital and operational expenditures, and improve business outcomes.
About Rahi
Rahi was founded in 2012 as a global provider of full-service IT solutions and services for companies of all industries. From design, installation, and system maintenance to logistics and managed services – we handle it all, so you don’t have to.
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